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Municipalities use Flow Meters to Verify Water Flow Rates and Water Meter Accuracy

Posted by Michelle Farrell on 29th Dec 2017

Municipalities Use Assured Automation G2 Series Flow Meters Monitor Water Flowrates

Homeowners and businesses need to verify flowrate of water supply and accuracy of city equipment from main water line to individual properties. Other methods of verification can be inconvenient, time consuming and costly.

Remove the residential meter from the line. Install an Assured Automation G2 industrial fluid flow meter to the residential service line. Check flowrate. A secondary test is done by installing the residential meter on the downstream side of testing assembly. Check and compare accuracy.

Advantages of Assured Automation’s  G2 Industrial Fluid Flow Meters:

  • Cost savings
  • Compact Design
  • Accurate
  • Digital Readout
  • Reliable

Use this compact meter to verify/test the water flowrate from the city main to individual homes or businesses. Use the Assured Automation meter in the test assembly (shown below) to perform two tests.

  1. Install the G2 meter on the supply line of the city main to verify flowrate to the residence. Open valve and check flowrate.
  2. Install the residential meter on the downstream of the testing assembly to verify proper functioning of residential meter.

These two tests allow troubleshooting to be done on-site, saving labor time and money. Field crews are able to isolate water main problems and identify residential meter malfunctions.