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Air-operated Valves

Air-operated valves use compressed air (typically 60 or 80 psi) to actuate a valve. There are 2 different methods of actuation: Spring Return and Double Acting. Both require the use of a solenoid valve to control the compressed air flow that drives the valve. Air-operated valves can actuate much faster than electric valves with the exception of solenoid valves which actuate extremely fast.

Spring Return: Air is used to drive the valve to one position (open or closed), and springs are used to drive it back to the original position. This provides what's known as a Fail-safe Position. If air pressure or electrical power to the solenoid valve are lost, the valve will return to that position.

Double Acting: Air is used to drive the valve in BOTH directions. This type of valve will fail in place. If either air pressure or electricity are lost, the valve will simply remain in the position that it is in.