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Alternatives for a Neptune T10 Direct Read Water Meter

Alternatives for a Neptune T10 Direct Read Water Meter

Posted by Michelle Farrell on 2nd Jun 2022

Neptune T10 direct read water meters have been one of our best-selling meters since we started offering them in 2015. Neptune is a trusted name and the T10 water meters are a quality product at a great price. This reputation has made them a favorite for many and recently demand has exceeded supply making them unavailable in a timely manner.
Are you having trouble locating a Neptune T10 water meter?
If so, don’t worry! Flows.com has many alternatives that will function and perform just as well.

Selecting the best substitution for the Neptune T10 depends on the reason that you wanted the T10 in the first place.

1) You need The NTEP approval

Being NTEP approved is a requirement in many water meter applications. If this is a requirement for you, then you should select the ME-PD Series or MTW-PD Series. These meters are identical in end-to-end dimensions and the meter’s threaded connections are the same. They are a drop-in replacement for Neptune T10 meters. They also include a dry contact pulse output of 1 pulse per gallon. That allows for the easy addition of a digital display such as the KAL-D06 which really simplifies reading and offers a push-button to reset the total to zero.

2) You absolutely need a Neptune T10 water meter

If you cannot use another brand, or model, the Neptune T10 ProCoder is the exact same meter with a more sophisticated register attached. The register still offers direct read, but also includes an encoded output that actually reads the dials of the meter. This feature allows the T10 ProCoder to be used with our Next Century remote digital displays, remote wall pad for use with the ProReader, and/or wireless transceivers for Next Century remote meter reading systems. For this reason, it costs a bit more whether you are going to use the encoded output or not.

3) You need a meter that remains accurate when installed VERTICALLY 

If you need to install or replace a water meter in a vertical pipe, certain types of meters will not maintain their accuracy and need to be avoided. Positive displacement meters are the solution for vertical installations. We offer a variety of positive displacement meters. Many of these T10 alternatives for vertical installation include pulse output as standard, or at least are equipped to have one added very easily and inexpensively. So that’s actually an advantage for these substitutes. We recommend the D10 from Assured Automation. The D10 meters are positive displacement meters that operate using a nutating disc, the same technology used in the Neptune T10 Direct Read.

4) You Need a “Pit-rated” meter

Many water meters are located outdoors in underground pits where they are subjected to drastic temperature and humidity fluctuations daily. They are also prone to occasionally getting submerged in water during heavy rains. For this reason, you may require a pit-rated meter. These meters are hermetically sealed with dry air to prevent condensation from forming when the temperature changes. The registers on these meters are completely separated from the measuring chambers which also helps prevent condensation. You will see the condensation build-up on the pipes and the meter, but not on the direct read register. That will remain dry for clear viewing while taking a reading. At Flows.com we offer 4 different series of pit rated water meters. The Assured Automation D10, the Neptune T10 ProCoder, the ME-PD series which is also NTEP approved, and the MTW-PD.

5) You just need a water meter – That’s all

If you simply need a water meter for sub-metering or for use as a deduct meter (sometimes called a sewer meter), you have come to the right place. At Flows.com we have a large selection of water meters that will function just as well as the Neptune T10 direct read meters. This includes hot and cold multi-jet meters from Assured Automation, Next Century, MTW, M & E, and Master Meter. Most of these meters either come standard with pulse output or are equipped to easily have one added.

Still not sure what meter to choose in place of the Neptune T10?
Give us a call at 1-855-871-6091 and we will be happy to help you.