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Residential Water Meters & Sub-meters

Multi-Jet Water Meters

multi-jet-meters.jpgMulti-Jet water meters are the most common type of meters used in residential and commercial sub-metering applications. The time-tested working principle provides great accuracy and a wide flow range that maintains that degree of accuracy.

They must be installed horizontally with the register facing directly upwards in order to maintain accuracy. These meters all come with Union NPT male fittings that make positioning and removal simple.

Pulse output is available on most with a few rates to choose from on many. This allows the addition of a digital display for remote viewing and, if desired, the ability to reset to 0.

NSF Approved for Drinking Water (Lead Free)

Not NSF Approved

Positive Displacement Water Meters

positive-displacement.jpgPositive Displacement meters offer the convenience of being accurate in any orientation. There are 2 different types of positive displacement meters offered by Nutating disc and Piston.

Nutating disc meters are also commonly used as residential water meters. They look very similar to a multi-jet meter on the outside, but the internals are completely different. The popular Neptune T10 is of this type, but it does not offer a pulse output option.

Piston type positive displacement meters are yet another completely different internal design. They are great for low flow rates. Pulse output is available on both series of this type. 1 pulse per gallon or 20 pulses per gallon.

NSF Approved for Drinking Water (Lead Free)

"Smart Home" Water Meters

smart-maters.jpgHomes keep getting smarter and smarter. These meters will add your water usage to what it knows. These "Smart Home" water meters will allow you to access your water usage data either online or using a mobile app. They feature usage logging, graphical views of the data, leak & freeze alerts, automatic reporting, etc.


Wireless Smart Meters

Z-wave & SmartThings

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