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Replacement for discontinued Elster T210

Replacement for discontinued Elster T210

Posted by Heather Jones on 11th Aug 2022

We've had several customers contacting us regarding the T210 pulse readers made by Elster. Unfortunately, these digital displays were discontinued in 2019 and many people are looking for a good replacement. Below is some information on what has to offer in place of the T210 display.

The Next Century Digital Display (NCRR4) is a battery-operated digital display, there are some differences when comparing it to the T210 and some advantages to this new display. The NCRR4 can read pulse meters and encoded meters. The T210 is only a pulse counter and therefore is only compatible with meters that have a pulse output. Like the Elster T210, the Next Century NCRR4 is battery operated. The battery in the T210 is not replaceable so once it dies, you need to get another display. The NCRR4 has a field replaceable battery that last about 7-10 years. The display will show a low battery alert when the battery life is down to 4-6 months.

Low Battery Alert symbol

The Next Century digital display is weatherproof and water-resistant. It can operate in -4°F to 140°F. One major difference between the T210 and the NCRR4 that there is a not a handheld reader, the T210 was compatible with a PSR140 handheld reader that would store the readings. The NCRR4 is not capable of that, however there is an option to get the NCRR4 display with a transceiver that works with other electronics and a Wi-Fi/Ethernet/Cellular connection to be able to get your readings completely remotely. If you would like more information on how to get readings remotely using the Next Century Remote Water Meter Reading System, you can check out this video or give us a call at 855-871-6091.

Another advantage to the Next Century display is the capability to read not just one, but two meters, any combination of two encoded or pulse-output meters. Not only does it work with water meters but also gas and electric meters. The NCRR4 can also be programmed in the field using the Next Century app with an account, the following is programmable:

  • Unit of measure (gallons, cubit feet, liters, ect..)
  • Pulses/unit (1 pulse per unit, 1 pulse per 10 units, 1 pulse per 100 units, etc...)
  • Initial Meter Reading
Features Elster T210 Next Century NCRR4
Weatherpoof Yes Yes
Battery operated Yes Yes
Field-replaceable battery No Yes
Pulse meter compatible Yes Yes
Encoded meter compatible No Yes
Can read two meters No Yes