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Portable Batching Systems offers two versions of portable batching system. Both varieties  come complete with the ABC-2020 batch controller programmed for full gallon resolution (other resolutions available on request). They are completely assembled and ready to have a garden hose attached to the inlet and outlet. Simply connect your hoses and you are ready to run a batch.

The battery is a rechargeable, 12VDC, 5 Amp hour, Lithium Ion battery with the appropriate barrel jack to plug right in to the ABC controller. It has been tested to over 30,000 consecutive cycles in a single charge. If the battery is ever drained, a quick 5-15 minute charge will get you back up and running for enough cycles to get you through the day. You can also power the system directly with the charging wire by simply plugging it in.

These system both use EBV capacitive return ball valves in order to conserve energy. If a solenoid valve is desired (only recommended for small batches and 10ths of a gallon resolution), it can be substituted as a special order. Solenoid valves will drain the battery much faster since they require power the entire time that they are being held open.

Designed for construction sites, this system is contained in a rugged waterproof case that is bright orange in order to be easily seen by any construction vehicles. The box can be locked shut and has a handle for carrying it.

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Designed for mounting on a truck or trailer, this system features a clear cover that is hinged on top. The enclosure is NEMA 4X rated when closed and latched shut. It can be locked to prevent unauthorized use.

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