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Next Century TR4 Water Meter Transceiver Provides Best-In-Class Signal Range

Next Century TR4 Water Meter Transceiver Provides Best-In-Class Signal Range

Posted by Michelle Farrell on 12th Aug 2021

Flows.com is excited to announce the release of the TR4 - a new and improved version of the TR201, the most popular transceiver for wireless water sub-metering systems. This new transceiver delivers all of the same features and performance of its predecessor along with a greatly increased signal range and compatibility with a wider range of meters and signal types.

Backwards Compatible with all Next Century Systems in the Field!

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Increased Signal Range

The TR4 now has a transmission range of 4.5 miles! This is the longest range available for such a device. This can eliminate the need for a repeater in many instances. A savings of $350 per repeater eliminated.

Extended Battery Life

The field replaceable CR18505 battery now lasts up to 10 years!
Easy to replace with the 2-pin plug connected to the battery.

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Hinged Cover

The cover on the TR201 completely detaches from the transceiver. This made it easy to lose or drop into a location where it is hard to reach during installation or battery change. The new TR4 transceiver keeps the cover attached with a hinge. A simple fix for a common problem.

Accepts and Transmits Signals from More Types of Water Meter Registers

The TR4 now accepts signals from encoded registers in addition to simple pulse registers. Now the transceivers can be used on a much larger range of water meters. The Neptune ProCoder T10 can now can be used with the TR4 and the Next Century Wireless water metering system. Many other popular meters can also be used. Call 1-855-871-6091 to see if your meters are included.