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Measuring Flow of Caustic Substances

Measuring Flow of Caustic Substances

Posted by Michelle Farrell on 1st Dec 2017

Battery Manufacturers Use Assured Automation G2 Series Flow Meters to Meter Sulfuric Acid

The time required to maintain the old system using rotameters had become a burden. Crews were required to check and clean glass tubes. In some cases, the tubes could be cleaned but in others the etching was too severe. Replacement tubes were costly and the time for maintenance became a problem. Accuracy is important and consistency in each batch varied too much.

Assured Automation’s  G2 PVDF Industrial Flow Meters offer excellent chemical compatibility. The crew reduced their maintenance routine to one check every two to three months. Field replaceable parts in the Assured Automation meter makes maintenance simple. The 90 degree display made reading each batch easy. The cost of glass tubes and the Hastelloy floats from the old method resulted in a sizeable cost savings in addition to the labor savings.

Advantages of Assured Automation’s G2 Series Industrial Flow Meters

  • Maintenance is easy
  • Cost Savings
  • Compact design
  • Self-contained
  • Not dependent on mounting orientation
  • Chemical compatibility

Plant produces pure manganese for battery production. The Sulfuric acid must be metered when added to the tank. Sulfuric acid etches the glass tube in rotameters making them difficult to read. Constant cleaning of the glass tubes was costly and took the operators away from other critical operations.