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Measuring Propane

Measuring Propane

Posted by Michelle Farrell on 29th Dec 2017

Propane and LPG Service Stations Use Assured Automation G2 Series Flow Meters to Monitor Gas Dispensed

Stations need a way to monitor propane dispensed by volume and by weight for inventory tracking. The propane dispenser uses volume measurement while portable bottles are sold by weight. The solution to track both amounts requires accuracy, simplicity and must be economical. This application requires reliable measurement with easy maintenance.

Assured Automation’s G2 stainless steel liquid flow meter provides an excellent solution for this application. The G2 meter is rugged and compact. This meter provides accuracy and displays 2 totals: 1 resettable and 1 cumulative. Power is provided by lithium batteries for about 9,000 hours of operation. Internal parts are simple to remove and replace. Maintenance is so simple with this meter.

Advantages of Assured Automation’s G2 Series Fluid Flow Meters:

  • FM Approved – Intrinsically Safe for Class I, II, III, Division 1. All Groups
  • Accurate and reliable
  • Compact Design
  • Provides digital readout
  • Economical
  • Rugged design

Service stations and other fuel outlets sell propane via a traditional retail dispenser and also using a secondary line to fill portable LPG bottles. Selling propane in portable LPG bottles requires measurement by weight as opposed to volume. Customers require a simple, accurate way to capture total dispensed propane to control inventory. Reconciling records and inventory can take time and the confidence in accuracy is often a concern.