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ABC Automatic Batch Controller - Installation Instructions

Installation Instructions

The ABC-2020 batch control systems, due to the controller's versatility, can be installed in many ways. From temporary & portable using garden hoses to hard-plumbed in copper or PVC pipes, there are a lot of options. Also, the systems include 3 separate components that can be installed close together or far apart. The installation really depends on your location, the meter being used, and your application. Below are some basic guidelines with the most important factors listed.

1. Make sure the meter is installed properly (according to its own installation guidelines).

  • Multi-Jet meters are required to be horizontal with the face up for maximum accuracy.
  • Positive displacement meters can be installed in any orientation.
  • Make sure the direction of flow is correct.

2. Place pumps BEFORE the meter and valves AFTER the meter

3. Place a hump in the line near the outlet or add a check valve to the outlet - this will ensure that the meter remains full.

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