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Batch Controller Units

abc-batch-controller-small.pngThe ABC series of Batch Control Units are available with a few different standard programs for the most common applications. Custom programming is also available if you require special values or functionality.

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Standard Batch Controller Programs


This is the most common program for the ABC controller. It can be set to any number of whole gallons. It is recommended for dispensing batches of 10 gallons and larger. It accepts one pulse per gallon from the meter.

Perfect for pool and pond filling applications as well as garden or lawn watering.


This is the 2nd most common. It is for smaller batches - up to 10 gallons. The flow rate should not exceed 10 gpm. It can be set to any amount with a resolution of 10ths of a gallon. It works with meters that provide 10 pulses per gallon.

Perfect for commercial kitchens and dispensing from mixing vessels into retail containers.


Similar to the ABC-1 and ABC-10, but for very large batches (over 300 gallons recommended). This can be set to any volume with a resolution of 10 gallons. It works with meters that provide one pulse per 10 gallons.

Perfect for pool and pond filling applications as well as farm irrigation and lawn watering.


This unit is exactly the same as the ABC-1 (whole gallons - 1 pulse per gallon), however, the start button and remote button get locked out and cannot be used to start a 2nd batch until there is activity using the arrow buttons on the controller. This feature was developed for tank filling at water treatment plants where the customer pays for a certain amount of water. The seller sets the controller for the purchased volume. Then the customer starts the batch using the remote start button. When the batch is complete, the customer cannot start a 2nd batch from the remote button. (See this Truck Filling Example)


The same as the ABC-1X above, but using increments of 10 gallons. Recommended for use for batches above 300 gallons.

Select a Batching System

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