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Custom Programmed Batch Controller

Custom Programming for ABC Batch Controllers

Standard Value Customization

For a small fee, you can have any of the standard values changed.

For Example:

  • Prevent setting the volume above a certain value
  • Change the percentage of the batch when the "nearing completion" indication starts
  • Set the initial volume setting when turned on
  • Customize the "End of Batch" message and how long it remains before the next batch can be set and started

Complete Custom Programming

If you would like to add or change any functionality of the ABC standard programs you can request a quotation for the programming to be done.

For Example:

  • Customize a recurring auto-batch sequence for continuous repetitive filling without pressing start.
  • Record and/or tally the number of batches run, or total dispensed over multiple batches

Call 1-855-871-6091 or email to request a quotation on custom programming.

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