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Automatic Batch Controller

automatic batch controller

The ABC - Automatic Batch Controller

What does it do?

The ABC is a simple controller that works with a meter and a valve or pump. You simply set the volume that you want in Gallons and hit start. The valve will open or the pump will turn on and the meter will begin measuring the flow. Once the desired amount has been dispensed, the valve will close or the pump will turn off. The controller works with any meter that has a pulse output and any electrically or pneumatically (air driven) actuated valve. At we offer a range of meters and valves to allow you to build the best system for your batching, dosing, or dispensing application.

Select a Batching System

Example with Valve and Meter

metering valve system diagram

Example with Pump and Meter

pump metering system diagram

Select a Batching System

 lit-icon.gif Download ABC Datasheet

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