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Batch Controller for Truck Loading

The ABC-2020 batch controller is a perfect solution for truck loading terminals. The ABC-10X program allows an operator to set the amount in increments of 10 gallons on the main control unit which is in a secure area. Then the truck driver uses the remote start button to dispense the batch. When the batch is complete, the remote button cannot be used to dispense another batch. There must be activity using the arrow buttons on the main controller unit before the next batch can be started. This could be a simple +10, -10 if you want to dispense the same amount.

batch controller for truck loading

Weatherproof Remote Button

weatherproof remote buttonThis setup requires the use of a remote button. These buttons are available with a NEMA 4,4X (weatherproof) protection rating for installation outdoors. The remote button includes an indicator light that blinks in sync with the blue button on the main unit.

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