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Batch Controller for Water Delivery Trucks

The ABC-2020 batch controller is a perfect solution for water delivery trucks. The ABC-10 program allows an operator to set the amount in increments of 10 gallons. The controller can be mounted to the truck exterior inside of our ABC-NEMA-BOX weatherproof box or remain inside the cab without that box. The ABC-REM-BUT-WP weatherproof remote start/stop button can then be mounted somewhere on the truck exterior. The power supply can be provided by the vehicle (must be 12VDC), a separate battery, or by using the power cord that comes with the controller through the use of a generator, 110 VAC power inverter, or a simple extension cord from land based outlets. 

batch controller for truck loading

Weatherproof Box

weatherproof remote buttonIf the ABC-2020 Batch Controller will be installed where it will be exposed to the elements, an ABC-NEMA-BOX is required for protection. This box is NEMA 4X rated and is held closed securely with 2 latches with the entire perimeter sealed be a poured soft seal. The hinged door can also be locked closed with a padlock.

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Weatherproof Remote Button

weatherproof remote buttonThis setup requires the use of a remote button. These buttons are available with a NEMA 4,4X (weatherproof) protection rating for installation outdoors. The remote button includes an indicator light that blinks in sync with the blue button on the main unit.

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