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Batch Dispensing from IBC Totes to Retail Containers

The ABC-2020 batch controller can be used to dispense liquids from an IBC tote to retail containers in two ways. Using a transfer pump and our PR pump control relay or using a valve and gravity feed. The pump control relay allows the controller to switch higher voltages used by pumps, and is easy as using a common power strip. Using a pump will provide for a consistent flow rate throughout the entire IBC tote. When using a gravity feed setup, the tote must be elevated and the flow rate will reduce as the tote empties.

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IBC Tote Dispensing into Retail COntainers

IBC tote dispensing gravity feed

Decreasing Flow Rates for Gravity Feed

These charts are from tests using water with a WM-PC meter and VA coaxial valve. As you can see, the flow rate decreases significantly as the tote empties. If speed is an issue, this is not be the best setup for you. If it is not, this will work perfectly fine, and is a more economical solution.

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