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Flow Sensors for Beer!

Flow Sensors for Beer!

Posted by Heather Jones on 16th Aug 2021

In 2018 the US produced over 180 million barrels of beer and
Americans consumed 6.3 billion gallons of beer!

Our customers in the brewing industry are always looking for ways to make their brewing process easier, more cost effective, and consistently produce the best version of their product every time for their customers. Whether they are a large brewery producing millions of barrels of beer a year, a microbrewery focusing on a few thousand barrels a year, or a nanobrewery producing only a barrel or two a week, major benefits come from installing flow sensors into their beer production. So, let us break down some of the mechanical water meters and digital flow sensors from and look at our Automatic Batching System that can help if you are in the brewing industry.

WM-NLCH Hot Potable Water Meter

view the WM-NLCH page


  • Multi-jet measuring - a time proven technology
  • Parts in contact with water are made of carrion resistant materials
  • Must be installed horizontally
  • Meets current lead-free standards and AWWA C708 standards
  • Pulse output to read remotely and add an easy reset*
  • Flow rate of 1-160 gallons per minute (depending on size)


  • ½ - 2 inch
  • Max temperature 194˚F
  • Max 150 PSI
  • Normal flow accuracy +/- 1.5%
  • Low flow accuracy +/- 3%

*A pulse output switch and wire can be added to this meter and connected to a digital pulse reader that can be mounted next to the meter or a distance away from the meter to make meter reading convenient and easy. There are several different options for digital pulse counters . (see article on “can I read my water meter remotely”)

G2 Series Turbine Meter

View the G2 Series Turbine Flow Meters


  • Displays Flow rate, total, and batch total that is easily reset
  • Indoor/ Outdoor Use
  • Horizontal or vertical installation
  • Easy to read digital display
  • Battery operated by 2 AA batteries (up to 4,000-hour life)
  • Flow rate of 1-200 gallon per minute (depending on size)
  • Made in America!


  • ½ - 2 inch NPT connections
  • ¾ - 2 ½ inch Tri-clamp
  • Max temperature 140˚F
  • Max 1500 PSI
  • Reads in gallons, liters, or custom field calibrated units

Options and Accessories:

  • 90 degree display adapter for vertical meter installation
  • remote display kit for reading display away from sensor
  • pulse output and 4-20 mA output signal modules

The tri-clamp models of this compact digital meter are easy to install inline and just as easy to remove, making cleaning and maintenance simple.

IFM MAG Meter Flow Sensor

View the MAG meter page


  • Displays flow rate, flow total, or temperature
  • Horizontal or vertical installation
  • Easy to read digital display
  • Output signals and switching outputs for use with PLCs, HMIs, or other brewing control systems
  • Flow rate of 0-160 gallons per minute (depending on size)
  • Resettable (add the Easy Reset Button for one-press reset of total)*
  • Suitable for CIP (clean in place) operation


  • Stainless steel body
  • ¼ - 2 inch NPT connections
  • Max temperature 190˚F

*This MAG meter can be reset on the local display however it is a multi-step process. By adding the Easy Reset Button you can just press one button and reset the MAG. Check out how one brewery is using this stainless steel MAG meter with the Easy Reset Button to improve accuracy and consistency in their brew cycles!

Plastic Mag Meter Flow Sensor


  • Electromagnetic
  • Designed for plastic piping
  • Lightweight
  • Displays batch total (resettable), lifetime total (non-resettable), and flow rate
  • Flow rate of 0.16-600 gallons per minute (depending on size)
  • NSF-61 and CSA certified


  • Max temperature 210˚F
  • ½ - 2 inch NPT or BSPP threaded connections
  • 3 & 4 inch ANSI Flanged connection sizes

Automatic BatchingSystems

Complete Systems with Controller, Valve, and Meter...
Starting under $500

View the ABC-2020 Batch Controller

Each batching system comes with our ABC-2020 Automatic Batch Controller, a flow meter, and a valve or pump control relay. You simply set the volume that you want in gallons and hit start. The valve will open or the pump will turn on and the meter will begin measuring the flow. Once the desired amount has been dispensed, the valve will close or the pump will turn off.

This system makes filling your Kettle(s) so much easier. Instead of having to sit and watch the filling process until it gets to the amount needed, you can set the volume on the controller and leave! Not only does this eliminate having to babysit the flow into the kettle but it also ensures you are getting accurate and precise measurements.

The controller works with any meter that has a pulse output and any electric or pneumatic actuated valve. A remote button can be added for starting and stopping your batch remotely.

NEW: if you want to monitor temperature in filling or sparging processes, the ABC Controller can now be used with our MAG meters with the addition of a simple pulse converter which changes the pulses from voltage to contact closure.

view the FLS-10 Line Selector Control Box

Multiple Kettle Filling

Some Brewers with multiple kettles opt to use a separate batching system on each kettle. Others decide to use a single batching system with our newly launched FLS-10 Line Selector which allows you to select one of up to 10 outlets.

This simple control box uses a rotary selector switch to send power to one of 10 possible valves to actuate an EBV ball valve, air actuated ball valve or as a control signal for other types of electric ball valve actuators.

Breweries of ALL sizes benefit form incorporating flow sensors and meters into their systems. It proves to be especially helpful for smaller breweries. Meters and batching systems make precision and consistency so much easier and improve brew house efficiency.