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Remote Reading

Currently we offer a variety of water meter reading systems that can accommodate various applications.  The RRS System has recently been upgraded and is capable of direct wired application (up to 4 meters; water, gas, electric) or 32 wireless.  In addition, it now has 2 different methods of reading your data: Directly from the NoWire Receiver mounted somewhere on the property or via a Cloud service that you could log into from any internet source.  For cloud service, you can utilize either CellConnect (requires annual fee), Ethernet cable, or WiFi connection (no annual fee for Ethernet or Wifi).

The WaterTrackerSM is perfect for applications where you are physically on the property.  You can connect up to 3 meters wirelessly and are able to upload the data to your computer or read it on the provided monitor.  This system also gives you lots of flexibility with setting alerts (ie: leak, using more than your programmed daily water use, etc.)

The Commercial Water Metering with Online Data is ideal for small AND larger properties.  It's been tested for 1 up to 2000 units and offers some sophisticated (but not complicated) customization.  It utilizes Wifi or Ethernet and allows for multiple users to be set up with various authority.  It includes a phone app to aid in programming as well as to receive email or text alerts for leaks, low battery and more.  Our site quotes up to 100 meters, so please call for a custom quote for larger properties.

Finally, the T210 is a handheld programmer that works with the T210 weatherproof digital pulse readers.  Simply connect a pulse reader to each water meter and the T210 programmer would need to be taken to the pulse reader and it uploads the information.  Then you can upload that information on to a computer.

We're always sourcing new products in this category and hope to be offering a wider selection after our exhaustive research to be sure of superior quality.  If you don't see anything that works for your application, we're just a phone call away and often can source the right product for you; saving you time and money!