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Batching Systems

Two Batch Controllers to Choose From

ABC-2020 Btach Controller
Low Cost & Easy to Use!
Flowmec EB11 Easy-Batch
Industrial 2-stage Batch Controller

ABC-2020 Automatic Batch Controller

abc-straight-on-300w.png Batching systems include the ABC-2020 Batch Controller along with a meter and valve (or pump control relay). This is an easy to install, easy to use, versatile, low-cost batch control unit. No control panel is needed. It is a stand-alone controller that works with one valve (or pump) and one meter. All connections are cables with simple push-in connectors.

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When selecting a valve and meter combination, We recommend NOT exceeding these pulse rates:

Solenoid Valves: 1 second per pulse      Ball Valves: 5 seconds per pulse

To easily determine your pulse rate, see this Pulse Rate Chart

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